Moodbuster – light

As follow-up to the feasibility studies in Sweden and the Netherlands, a study with the Moodbuster system in combination with coaching via the internet will start in August 2013. For this study, the sensors will not be used. More information can be found at the site. Participants are still welcome.

Description of the Moodbuster system

An illustrated description of the Moodbuster system and its components has been added to the website, including a video (in Dutch) with an explanantion of the system. See for more information.

Wearable sensors by PLUX

In the scope of the FP7-funded ICT4Depression project, targeted at the development of a novel ICT-based system for use in primary mental health care, PLUX has been further extending the state-of-the-art in biosignal monitoring technologies in an ambient assisted living framework.

See the press release of the company.

Radio interview about ICT4depression

The Amsterdam Radio has broadcasted an interview with Michel Klein about the ICT4depression project. You can listen it here: Radio Salto.

Dutch Participants needed

In the summer of 2012, the MoodBuster system will be tested by 50 Dutch end-users. If you are interested, you can send a mail to

The name for the system: Moodbuster

The consortium has decided on the name for the ICT4depression system that is used for the end users: MoodBuster!

Prototype of web-version online

A prototype of the web app of the ICT4depression system is available online. Have a look at it here.

Full-color article in Projects Magazine.

This month, the Projects Magazine from Insight Publishers Ltd features a two page full-color article on the ICT4depression project.

First prototype of glove for non-intrusive measurement

Project member PLUX has been working usability-wise to come up with a discrete wearable form factor for a glove that can be used for non-intrusive measurements of hearth-rate and galvanic skin response. Below is a picture that shows how the sensors will be mounted in the glove.

Mounting of sensors in the glove

Project meeting Porto

At Tuesday April 27 and Wednesday April 28, the second plenary meeting of the ICT4Depression project takes place in Porto, Portugal. During the meeting, the usage scenario’s will be discussed based on input from the psychological partners about the interventions, and input of the technical partners about the state of the sensing devices. In addition, the high-level technical layout of the overall system is discussed.