INESC Porto (Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores do Porto) is a private non-profit R&D institute, whose associates are public Universities. INESC Porto was created as an autonomous Institute in 1999, but existed in Porto since 1985, as INESC’s northern branch. We are a research institution working at the interface between academia and industrial and service companies, as well as public administration. INESC Porto associates are University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, Polytechnic Institute of Porto and INESC. INESC Porto was declared a Ministry of Science and Technology “Associated Laboratory”. In successive periodic evaluations performed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, R&D work at INESC Porto was rated as “Excellent”. This evaluation was performed by a group of international experts. The INESC Porto research team is composed of 88 PhD, 70 MSc, 110 graduates, and 69 undergraduates, organized in 6 research Units: Telecommunications and Multimedia, Power Systems, Optoelectronics and Electronic Systems, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Innovation and Technology Transfer and Information and Communication Systems (USIC). USIC (participating in ICT4DEPRESSION) focuses on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, particularly Software Engineering and Location Based Systems Engineering. Main application areas: Electronic Government, Software Industry, Telecommunications, Healthcare and Transport.

The main role within the ICT4Depression project of INESC Porto is the development and implementation of the overall system architecture, and giving technical support during the trials.

INESC has a ample experience with system integration in which cell phones play a central role, and has participated in several European projects, including CAALYX.