In the project the following documents will be produced as official deliverables to the EU.  Deliverables marked with CO are only for members of the consortium, public deliverables can be downloaded from here.

  • D7.1: First version of Website, including manual for using functionalities
  • D6.1: Dissemination & Exploitation Plan – first version in month 3 (CO)
  • D1.1: Report on the Scenario Description for use of the system (CO)
  • D2.1: System Specification (CO)
  • D4.1: Requirements Specification and System Architecture Report (CO)
  • D1.2: Specification of options for ICT intervention for all considered therapies (CO)
  • D3.1: Report addressing formal specification of abstract ontology on therapy progress as well as mapping between the interpreted information coming from sensor and the abstract ontology [PDF]
  • D3.2: Report with specification techniques as well as the actual specification of therapies [PDF]
  • D7.2r1: Yearly report 2010 (COPDF of summary)
  • D2.2: Phase 1 System Demonstrator Report (CO)
  • D3.3: Report with formal specification of meta-reasoning techniques to select therapy [PDF]
  • D3.4: Report with specification of information to be communicated (including questionnaires) based upon therapy mode (CO)
  • D3.5: Prototype with all methods included (CO)
  • D4.3: Integrated monitoring tool prototype and report – first version (CO)
  • D4.5: First version of the prototype and end-user manuals (CO)
  • D4.2: Requirements Specification Report – second version
  • D7.2r2: Yearly report 2011 (CO; PDF of summary)
  • D2.3: Phase 2 System Demonstrator Report (CO)
  • D2.4: Deployment report (CO)
  • D5.1: Report of findings during pilot study [PDF]
  • D5.2: Approved study protocol (CO)
  • D4.4: Integrated monitoring tool prototype and report – second version (CO)
  • D4.6: Second version of the prototype and end-user manuals (CO)
  • D6.2: Report with results of the exploration of the market in the two pilot countries (CO)
  • D4.7: Final evaluation report (of the ICT4Depression system) [PDF]
  • D5.3: Analysis in report format on the feasibility of the CAU-plus system [PDF]
  • D5.5: Proposal for the evaluation of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the ICT4Depression system in terms of a randomized controlled trial [PDF]
  • D6.3: Report with marketing strategies and business case for each pilot country (CO)

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