PLUX systems

PLUX Engenharia de Biosensores LDA focuses on creating innovative solutions for Sports, Healthcare and Research by integrating biosignals processing and miniaturized wireless sensor devices. Created in 2007, PLUX pioneered the research and development of wireless electronic devices used to acquire and measure electrophysiological signals and other variables related to the Human body (e.g. accelerometry and temperature). PLUX develops its products in strong partnership with scientific institutions and renowned researchers. PLUX bridges academia and market by applying its research know-how to problems and practical needs in several technological areas, in close contact with its customers.

Within the ICT4Depression project, PLUX will mainly focus on the development of techniques for non-intrusive physiological measurements, and utilizing these measurements to derive therapy progress.

The team at PLUX currently consists of 12 members, including 2 PhDs, 3 MScs, and 6 BScs, and is involved in five approved National QREN projects, four in which it is the lead promoter. PLUX has published at peer reviewed international conferences and a submitted patent. Furthermore, PLUX is a member of the XHMS (Centro de ExcelĂȘncia em Healthcare e Medical Devices) cluster.