Workpackage 2

In work package 2 the biomedical sensors, medicine intake monitors as well as mobile phone application will be developed for progression monitoring of the patient. In addition, an objective is the interpretation of this information such that useful information is obtained to measure the progress of therapy.

Specific objectives

  • Task 2.1: Develop techniques to measure on a real time basis whether medicine has been taken, in addition, algorithms will be developed which analyse this information, and translate it to information which can be used for progress of therapy.
  • Task 2.2: The development of techniques to measure activities being conducted using a mobile phone. Hereby, sensing devices in the form of accelerometers as well as questionnaires will be developed suitable for deployment on the cell phone. Furthermore analysis methods which translate this information to a more abstract level will be developed.
  • Task 2.3: In task 3 the objective is to develop non-intrusive biomedical sensors, and algorithms which translate this information to information on such a level that it can be used to measure progress of therapy.
  • Task 4: In task 4 the objective is to integrate the three measuring devices and validate the approaches that have been developed.