GGZ InGeest

GGZinGeest is a large (2300 employees) mental health institution, covering the Amsterdam region. Within GGZ inGeest, several academic workplaces are in place. These concern a number of prioritised patient groups (anxiety disorders, depression, old age psychiatry, bipolar disorder and psychotic disorders). Within these academic workplaces research, innovation of care and training of professionals are conducted side by side, providing an excellent environment for all three activities. With regard to primary mental health care, the collaboration between key players in the field and access to both networks of GP practices and the neighbouring departments of mental health institutions has provided an excellent environment for both innovation and research.

GGZInGeest replaced the role of Trimbos institute in ICT4depression since July 2010. The main tasks of GGZINGEEST in the project relate to the development of treatment modules for depression, the development of support models for therapy and validation of the treatment system in primary care. Furthermore, the GGZINGEEST is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation.

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